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About us

fr Philippe Maillard
fr Philippe Maillard op.

Living in a working class area

In 1978, Philippe Maillard, a dominican friar, decided to make an old dream come true : to live his dominican life among the poor. He settled then in the Moulins area in Lille. He was soon joined by friars Michel Froidure and Jean-Pierre Mérimée.

The birth of a community

Then, a few local people began to get in touch with the friars. This small society spontaneously started to meet and pray every Wednesday evening. Relationships began to develop and other yearnings rose. The friars then decided to suggest new spiritual, cultural or plainly friendly activities. A few years later, the most involved people got together to initiate a small leading team. Since then, this team have been taking an active part with the friars, in the liveliness of house.

The “Maison du 60” today

Today, the 60 depends on the dominican convent in Lille. The friars Michel Froidure, Jean-Pierre Mérimée and Benoît Ente lead a dominican life of prayer, studies and proclaiming of the gospel. Every Wednesday evening, about 40 people gather for mass, and a meal is sometimes organised after service. There are monthly activities : impro theatre, pottery, bible studies, writing workshop, Rosary group, social approach from christian point of view. Other activities will be annual : trip to Lourdes in October with the Rosary pilgrimage, a spiritual retreat in May and finally summer vacations.

The spirit of the 60

For its 30th anniversery, the Maison du 60 defined itself as a school where people learn to live as brothers, in total equality, and with the priority option to share one’s life with the most deprived people. Our community is built up by the words of every member and their practical implementation, as a response to God’s Word celebrated in the Eucharist.

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